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Linea Light Group – Warm Tune

Since 1985, Linea Light Group creates and proposes its own style in the world of

lighting. By continually researching on forms and trends, developing innovative

products, collaborating with planners and Lighting Designers, Linea Light Group

has evolved over time gaining a leading position at an International level in the

production of lighting fixtures.

*Image: Entourage Pendant (Warm Tune Technology)

Linea Light Group are the pioneers in LED lighting, and are proud to be among

the first in the world to have invested on this technology with profound conviction

by creating a dedicated line, I-LED. The results are extraordinary, and are available

to the Lighting industry through Italstyle Lighting Design.

Warm Tune by I-LED designed to transform Lighting Designs and Architectural Spaces.

Warm Tune technology is ideal and correct solution to solve accent’s lighting for restaurants, hotels and residential.

Warm tune allows a colour temperature’s variation from 3000k to 1800k, just decreasing light brightness.

Warm Tune technology has an excellent colour rendering, (CRI 92) a fundamental element to ensure objects and living spaces right perception, even at minimum dimming of 5%.

Warm Tune is derived by a Smooth Dimming I –LED technology, allowing a colour temperature reduction with a simple regulation, decreasing light intensity. It allows white light variations, continuous and constant from 3000k to 1800k, the new technology mimics the halogen dimming concept, allowing a soft and natural passage to different lighting conditions while maintaining a high efficiency.

For more information on the this technology, contact us at Italstyle Lighting Design.







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