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Florian…Creativity In Lighting

Free-O_1Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. There is no innovation without creativity. Everyone loves the innovative ideas when it comes to living, so why not in lighting!
Florian Light located in the Venetian hinterland, is one of the leading creative lighting manufacture’s in the world of lighting. A dynamic company who plays the perfect combination of technology, design, research and tradition, creating sometimes unusual contrasts that give force and dignity to objects.
Special attention is paid to the quality of products, absolutely Made in Italy. The Company in fact chooses carefully the materials and components to ensure not only the functionality of products but also the duration in time.

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Then, as part of the energy consumption reduction policy, Florian’s commitment in terms of eco-sustainability is realized by promoting some of the leading products in low energy consumption versions, as well as using recyclable materials such as wood, glass and steel.

As a proud distributor for Florian Light, Italstyle Lighting Design recently exhibited some of the latest Florian products at the Decor + Design show in Melbourne with a great response. To view some of the unique and creative designs from Florian Light, visit our showroom or check out our website.

Florian, a collection of emotions.




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