OLEV…Modern & Refined Lighting For Your Interior Design

OLEV is the Italian brand focused only on LED lighting applied to Architecture

and Design. OLEV presents a complete offer of designer lighting solutions for

homes or outdoor all using exclusively LED technology. The new OLEV range

is exclusive to Italstyle Lighting Design. A selection of modern products made

in Italy, suited for every furnishing projects, from retail to hotels.

*Image: OLEV Poly Esagono.

If you wish not only to satisfy your clients but also to amaze them

when designing, then light is the most valuable tool you can use to make the

best of your creations.

*Image: OLEV Gavin.

Light sources are fundamental in the perception of spaces and furnishings. High -

quality lighting reproduces attractive colours, improving materials and shapes

aesthetics. To attain this, the most efficient instrument in the designer's hands

is the LED technology, the core business at OLEV.


*Image: OLEV Shine Chandelier.

LED is the perfect solution for the lighting of the future. Unlike traditional light

sources it makes colours more vivid, representing them as truthfully and naturally

as possible. LED are also extremely light and adaptable, allowing you to use them

in many different shapes and layouts.

*Image: OLEV Acorn.

*Image: OLEV Slight

*Image: OLEV Elle.

*Image: OLEV Turn.

*Image: OLEV Lanacotta

*Image: OLEV Sphere

*Image: OLEV Poly Plumage.

*Image: OLEV Pipe.

*Image: OLEV Cicare.




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