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Selene Illuminazione… Tradition & Design

The Selene brand is a client’s guarantee of high quality products that are handmade with traditional skills, yet meeting the latest industry standards. Initiated during the late Sixties in the province of Venice, Selene has seen both it’s domestic & international markets expand considerably, placing itself in an important position in the lighting world. It’s adroit blend of glassmaking tradition and its shrewd attention to design developments has enabled the firm to create first glass modern lighting collections.


*Selene Lampara


*Selene Origami


*Selene Bossa Nova


*Selene Zeppelin

Selene is one of the most important names in the Italian Lighting Industry and has an excellent on-going relation with many of the best Murano glass-makers, allowing the company to create blown glass quality products. The famous mixture of sand, soda and mineral powder is not a strict formula, as with paints, it is a special combination that can be mixed in different doses to produce an array of different weights, brightness, transparencies and colours. The mystery of these thousand combinations is known only to master glassmakers who hand it down from generation to generation.


*Selene Dina


*Selene Papiro


*Selene Globulo


*Selene Goccia


*Selene Domino


*Selene Ionica

The notable Selene’s range of products has everything to complement both traditional and updated surroundings: that’s why the Company uses also metal laser cutting technology that allows to achieve a level of precision and build quality at unbeatable value, creating stunning art pieces with unique decorations and shapes.


*Selene Tan


*Selene Elettra


*Selene Ginger


*Selene Berlino EST

For more than 20 years Italstyle Lighting Design is a proud distributor for Selene Illuminazione in Australia. To view any of the Selene products please visit our showroom or contact us for any further information you may require.




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