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Lighting Trends…. Euroluce In Review

Euroluce is one of the biggest international fairs in the lighting industry which is held  every second year with Salone del Mobile fair in Milan, Italy. Over 300 000 visitors go to see the exhibitors and their stand during the six-day-long fair.

What were the showstoppers at Euroluce 2017 from our leading suppliers? Lets have a quick look.

*Image: Inarchi Geo

Asymmetrical suspension lamp from turned marble or onyx with high-performance LED lights.

The ominous, spherical shape and the various material variants offered puts this astounding sculptural lamp apart from any conventional lighting form. Distinct and majestic, reflecting the inherent natural grace of stone.

*Image: Inarchi D’Arc

Double-bent polished bronze profile with high performance LED lights.

D’Arc shines an even, beautiful light under the space it embraces, evoking both traditional and modern appearances with the warm appearance of the bronze body and the ultra-modern, smooth LEDs inside.

*Image: Inarchi Hexan

Cast, chiselled and polished bronze hexagon with high-performance LED lights.

Glass hexagonal frame made with traditional techniques with high-performance LED light source

Painted steel frame with multiple high-performance LED lights

Elegance and grandeur are the two words that instantly appear in a spectator’s mind – this element is made both with a full-face bronze body, shining with the timeless warmth of this classic material, and a frame-only appearance, in glass and steel versions, showing a minimal, ethereal face towards the world. These two fundamentally different approaches show a beautiful system of counterpoints, being able to shape the space they inhabit though contrasting appearances.

*Image: Inarchi Light Beam Circle

Light Beam Circle consist of two 8 mm thin marble rings. Spreading both direct light and gentle glow through its body, it adds the majesty of marble in a unique way into your interior.

Cut from a single block of Carrara marble with frosted glass diffuser.

Light source: 2700K, LED included.

*Image: Venicem Kitami

Wall Light with diffused light polished black nickel, polished gold or light burnished  brass with satin glass diffuser.

*Image: Linea Light Group Cell

Cell suggests a total integration with architectural space. All Gypsum versions allows fixture’s ceiling perfect merging, making it almost invisible. Special metallized polycarbonate optic uses micro reflector high accuracy, with convex facets single cylindric cut-off cells, to guarantee the highest glare control. The fixture when working seems off and the light springs magically from architecture.

*Image: Linea Light Group Cem

Concrete reliability and strength is reinterpreted through new compact forms and smooth edges design. Cem exploits the latest generation LEDs potential technologies provoding graphics or diffusive lighting effects, allowing the outdoor space customization with a contemporary and unique sign. Grazing and punctual lighting for paths and façades, warm white Led source. Tailor made lens defining precise light edges, avoiding leaks. Some color variations due to natural material, perfect for every outdoor space.

Image: Linea Light Group Rada

Rada ensures a total direct glare absence. The light emitted by the special LED round board is reflected by domed diffuser, defining the fixture and spreads around the space. The indirect lighting principle guarantees a perfect shadow control inside the living spaces. Multiple and clear projections vanish, replaced by smooth and diffusive shadows.

*Image: Inarchi Arc

Rectangular aluminium profile system with high-performance LED lights.

This highly versatile array of curved and straight elements captures the essence of graceful movements, enabling the designer to compose their own highways of light into any space. Infinitely variable, it is an elegant solution for any person to shape the space they wish to define, grouping and directing these lines of light to find the exact shape their fantasy is looking for.

Image: Linea Light Group Mongolfier

Organic self-wrapped structure, in two shapes: one, more open and airy, the other streamlined. A name evoking visual lightness. Suitable in varnished iron with copper or black finish. Designed to light a dinner table or the living, its vintage recall is perfect to create the right atmosphere in a restaurant or in a bistro. Thanks to the Led Warm Tune™ dimmable technology the light spreads from source, varying intensity and colour temperature simultaneously, following all the interior designer’s needs.


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