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Karboxx… Light, More Light.


Cutting-edge design and technological evolution coupled with outstanding materials.
Karboxx creations stand out for their modern and functional style and are designed to easily blend in with everyday surroundings.
Karboxx is the ideal choice for anyone who recognises the importance of unique and timeless pieces with enduring style.
A return to our roots, from skilled craftsmanship to hands-on experience with materials that has otherwise been forgotten.
Unconventional materials that are technologically advanced and lightweight yet strong – translucent and reflective materials for decorative items able to create frequencies, lights and shadows that define the space around them.
The designer is an alchemist who merges and blends aesthetic values ​​and identities, experimenting with a new approach to light – an approach that is less conventional and more mindful.



*Image – Sveva
Design by  Massimiliano Mornati
Contemporary suspended lamp, a luminous installation with a strong impact gives shape to immaterial light. Two slightly bent opposing blades cradle the light source and reveal unusual landscapes of light and shade. Translucent with diffuse re-flection in the brushed meth-acrylate version, decidedly graphic in the painted metal version.

*Image – Drink
Design by  Enrico Franzolini & Vicente García Jimenez
A collection composed of floor, ceiling and suspended lamps in black carbon fibres with metal base painted black or in painted composite fibreglass, pivots 360° and angle of tilt 15°. The suspended version is available with a single or twin cones in three different lengths of 63 cm, 127 cm and 175 cm.

*Image – Turn me!
Design by  Marta Laudani & Marco Romanelli
In the end it’s the LEDs that give us “Turn me!”: a sheet of metal simply folds itself to host light. Its minimal style means it can adapt to many different situations and the invention which gave it its name, that is to say the possibility to rotate, will let “Turn me!” take on mul-tiple mutating positions on the wall, with just a simple touch. Light pointing up, light pointing down, to the left or right: when it stands alone “Turn me” is like a poetically functional object; when a series is repeated it takes on the value of an art installation


*Image – Slice
Design by  Enrico Franzolini & Vicente García Jimenez
Collection made up of hanging, wall and ceiling lamps, available in various diameters and lengths. The cylinders are in carbon fibre or in painted composite fibreglass with obli-que cut and colorful interior.

*Image – Pipes
Design by  Thomas Feichtner
Table lamp with a sleek and streamlined shade. Available in fibreglass white, black with light grey hues or Jute natural with base in chromed metal.

*Image – Half Moon
Design by  Enrico Franzolini & Vicente García Jimenez
A collection made up of a table lamp in two sizes, large and mini, and a floor and hanging version. Shade in carbon fibre with interior painted in several colours. Carbon stem and base in black-painted aluminium.

*Image – Afra
Design by  Enrico Franzolini
A nearly sphere of blown glass with a median grove which holds a hand crochet cap. Crocheted in an unique weave texture that always filters the light in various ways.

*Image – Shine
Design by  Moreno De Giorgio
Shine is a simple, minute, circular light form, enhanced by traces of light projected on the frontal diffuser. A special perspective, designed for an LED, emits effective radial illumination on the wall and the 35 micro-perforations hidden inside product a pleasant luminous texture around the frame. The magic of light applied to LED bulbs transforms a little part of the beam of light into decoration, demonstrating both its expressive and functional potential.

*Image Zero1
Design by  Alessio Princic & Roberto Righi
Zero1 is a pure shape designed for any space. It has not been conceived as a “new idea”, but as the evolution of a concept we have in our collective unconscious. An LED ring that lights up a translucent fibre glass lampshade, making the lamp instantly recognisable yet discreet. It can be personalised in size and is available in many combinations to bring light to the most traditional or unusual spaces. Zero1: an object which is open to infinite interpretations.

*Image – Tupla
Simplicity, functionality and rationality are the concepts that inspired the Tupla collection. A simple shape for versatile and almost universal use. This functional lamp gives profuse and effective lighting in a space and its intelligent use of high performance LED bulbs ensure low consumption. The bulbs are exceptionally long-lasting with no need for maintenance. Tupla has a methacrylate diffuser, an aluminium structure and an LED light source.

*Image – Shadow
Design by  Enrico Franzolini
A screen in metal that diffuses the light on the wall without dazzling. Light and shadow easily adjustable with a simple action.

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