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General Terms & Conditions of Sale

Italstyle reserves itself the right to make modifications or/and updates relating to the products or to any other item indicated in the same documentation, based on fabrication needs and to improve the fixture.

Orders will be supplied in the base of the Client’s requests. Any alternative to the ordered products may be supplied only after a communication to the Client and upon receiving the Client’s approval.

The Company reserves itself the property of the sold products until the full payment of the entire invoiced sum. Perpetuation of missing payments beyond the agreed deadline will authorize the Company to hold any further order and to revoke any further discount.

Delivery times are always indicative and never binding for the Company; eventual delays or missing shipments cannot entail contestations or penalties or whatsoever.

Claims must be DOCUMENTED and addressed to the Company within 8 working days from goods receipt (Please refer to our Claims & Return Policy). Beyond this term, the Company has the right for claims to be rejected. Any damages occurred during the transportation cannot be charged to the Company and they must be addressed to the Forwarder.

Products sold by the Company is guaranteed from eventual fabrication defects in base of the terms of the law. The warranty starts from the date of receipt and cannot be extended with a reason of inactivity of the products. The warranty covers exclusively those fails what entail the product malfunctioning. The company alone will evaluate whether to fix the sole damaged parts, or to replace the entire products. The warranty doesn’t cover the damages caused by negligence, usage or installation not in conformity with instructions sheets, or caused by mistaken actions, accidental causes, or negligence of the Client with particular reference to the external parts. Therefore the warranty is not applicable to those fails caused by electrical connections to voltages different from those indicated or by sudden fluctuations of the tension, as well as by inductive/electrostatic discharge or lightning. The warranty doesn’t cover the parts subject to wear, i.e.: bulbs & starters. In case of damages to people, things or animals, caused directly or indirectly by improper usage of the products, the Company will deny any liability.

Changes in the colour of the LED and their luminous flux are within the tolerance limits specified by the manufacturer of the LED; they may change by each production batch.

Additional costs for any action after the purchase (ex. Replacements of parts orders to external companies) must be and agreed in advanced in writing by Italstyle which reserves the right to approve them.

Cancellation cannot be accepted for any Made to Order items or for items that have already been dispatched for delivery from manufacture. Goods can only be returned if previously agreed by the Company. All cancellations, if accepted, will incur a 40% cancellation fee.